Being an Architect

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Client is always right

well, in almost all cases..!

Client is right even though he is wrong...

At one point of time every design professional realize that arguing with a client is not the way to prove a point. You may win over logic, but most of the times client will not take the advice. The case stands strong when the client in question has a very strong ego.



The subjective issues gets harder to get convinced as the fine line between logic and aesthetics mostly is a matter of better taste.

History teaches us that there is no any constant right. An absolute right today can be (and most surely) be wrong tomorrow. Your right choices are way different from the ones made a hundred years ago. A right choice in one geographic area/social fabric may not be right in another; examples galore. The glass boxes may be the right choice in a cold climate but can bring disastrous results in a hotter climate if not thoughtfully detailed. Similar is the case with different movements in art and architecture followed blindly during its times.