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The brave act.

Take a while, and think for a minute. All the important decisions you took in your life;




Football team







Do you regret about any decisions? Do you regret of not being brave enough to take the right decision instead of the easy one?

If you are given a chance to redo all, will you be doing the same again? You may be able to retrieve the lost opportunities, build up the lost relationships, avoid dead ends, start doing what u love and are still passionate about...

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Are you replaceable

as an architect?

as an employee?

as an artist?

as an employer?

as a manager?

as a mother?

as a husband?

If so, most likely you will get replaced in near future (maybe except for the personal relationships.!!). And you have no right to complain!

For a client an architect may not only be the designer; but also a mentor, friend, technical and financial adviser, negotiator, innovator, artist and also one who care to share the journey. Her role becomes irreplaceable once client find real value other than the mundane details. Though design quality is still the single most differentiator, it is unfortunate that more often, client may not be equipped to fairly judge the quality of design alone.

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Client is always right

well, in almost all cases..!

Client is right even though he is wrong...

At one point of time every design professional realize that arguing with a client is not the way to prove a point. You may win over logic, but most of the times client will not take the advice. The case stands strong when the client in question has a very strong ego.

The subjective issues gets harder to get convinced as the fine line between logic and aesthetics mostly is a matter of better taste.

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Be a Connoisseur

Masters of any art form has been invariably connoisseurs of their field.

connoisseur is defined by dictionary as a person with special knowledge or appreciation of a field, esp in the arts.

You can find many analogies for the observation. Take the field of music, photography, fine art, motion pictures or wine tasting for that matter.

Being a connoisseur automatically equip the creator to critically judge her work during the process itself. She thus knows where the work stands in comparison to the works of masters and most importantly, under varying contexts. She can appreciate the subtleties without getting carried away.

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Fashion in Architecture

Fashion: Noun: A popular trend, esp. in styles of dress, ornament, or behavior.

“I hate everything that is driven by fashion. From the beginning I was hating in the 60s the American way of styling, especially cars. They changed their styling things every two years and designed new ones which is nothing to do with good design”Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams is considered to be one of the most influential industrial designers of the 20th century. He is believed to have inspired the designs of iconic Apple products like iPod.


Fashion in Architecture


rvation is strikingly relevant in the field of architecture.

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